27 May 2012

Castle in the clouds.


Patricia Daniel said...

we saw this today and even a more mysterious moment when this mist reached over the mainland as if it was taaking over. We are just visitors - does this happen often? I have checked on te internet but can't find anything similar. Thanks for the photo anyway

Clive said...

The cloud is a sea fret caused when warms air raises on the land and draws cold air in from the sea. If the sea air does warm up enough before it reaches land a sea fret rolls in. Topology of the land and wind also influence sea fret formation. You may have noticed that Whitby was almost totally covered in cloud. It does happen quite often. I have been at the Ravenhall Hotel a few times when the sea fret rolls in and the effect is even more stunning.

Other things to looks out for when there are big temperature differentials are sea mirages which can be very strange indeed.